Separate teams formed to investigate in cases of kalladka: Alok Mohan

Alok Mohan IPS
Alok Mohan IPS

Mangaluru: Additional General Director of Police (ADGP) for Law and Order Alok Mohan said on Friday that the police department will assess the situation on the strain hit Kalladka daily.

Speaking to the media on his arrival at the police commissioner’s office here, he said police security was strengthened in Kalladka and actions were taken to prevent such incidents. Both IGP (Western Range) P Harishekaran and SP Bhushan G Borase are camping on the site, he said.

For a specific consultation on some Right-wing organizations planning a mammoth protest rally on BC Road on June 22, ADGP said that while Section 144 is in effect until June 21, police will follow the situation further and not Will allow no one to disturb the peace.

For another query about the veracity behind blocking orders that had not fallen well with a section of the public, Alok Mohan said he asked the SP to examine the issue. He said 18 suspects were arrested in connection with the crash and the cases were reported after the incident.

He said the researchers also evaluated the video footage in connection with the death of stones followed by shock that day. Separate teams were formed to investigate the cases and all those involved in the incidents will be registered, he said.

He also exalted the confidence that normalcy will be fully restored with the majority of the general population averse to the disturbance of the social fabric. Excluding a miserable percent of society, who are deprived of castes and communal bonds and resort to imprisonment in their hands, most are against the same, he added.

On the possibilities of intelligent people who take advantage of the change in the high levels of the department that leads to such disorders in society, the ADGP discarded saying that “the system counts on the change in the heads”


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